Welcome to Precision Home Inspections! My name is Elizabeth J Miksa, owner and sole proprietor of this new Home Inspection business. Even though my business has only been on the Texas Secretary of State registry since 2019, my remodeling experience, training, and a lifetime of education in a variety of subjects combine to provide my clients with the very best.

Home Inspection is a second career for me. I started with an extensive knowledge of homes and maintenance and added a lifetime of attention to detail. My first career was as a geologist in a research science capacity. I know how to observe and report if nothing else! I also have a passion for teaching and hope that the home inspection experience will be educational, if you so desire it.

Why did I choose home inspection? I have been a homeowner since 1989, largely doing my own repairs and remodeling. I grew up in a family that stressed not just self-sufficiency but competence in woodwork, tool use, and home maintenance.  As I transitioned out of geology over the last decade, I spent several years remodeling and renovating. First, a house, which I sold to buy a triplex (an apartment building with three units). Once renovated, the triplex earned enough for me to move to Texas, complete my inspector training, and start my business.

Extensive Education and Training

Texas licensure requirements are strict. I pursued this career in part because the Texas path to licensure is clear and specific and inspection reporting requirements are very detailed. This a good thing: when I inspect your home, I am following a clear set of guidelines developed by the state. The Texas Home Inspection “Standards of Practice” are very specific as to what systems need to be inspected, why they need to be inspected, and what constitutes a “deficiency”, or lack, in that system.

In 2019, I completed 394 hours of training and education through Champion School of Real Estate in Plano, passing all of their exams and practice inspections. I subsequently passed the National and State licensing exams on my first attempt. I also joined InterNACHI and have started using their online Home Inspection training to supplement my original coursework and to keep my “book knowledge” fresh. In addition to my Professional Inspector license (#23932) through the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), I earned the Certified Professional Inspector qualification from InterNACHI. I have joined my regional Home Inspectors organization, TPREIA, and my local realty association, GDWCAR.

All of this is a very long way of saying I became a home inspector because of my love and knowledge of all things related to home maintenance and construction, my ability to be detailed and careful, and my desire to help others understand everything they need to know about their home.

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